Liverpool Friends of Palestine is affiliated to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), which campaigns for justice for Palestinians.

A Tamimi slap Jan 2018

Free Nariman and Ahed Tamimi Jan 2018 











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On other pages you will find out more about what we do. You’ll also find some recommendations of books, films and so on and some links to other organisations. There’s a ‘basic history’ in the ‘Palestine’ section and there’s even a quiz to test your knowledge!

Elsewhere on the net, we have a Facebook page and you can just follow this link. You can also follow us on Twitter at @Livfop.

On this page we list some events coming up shortly, at which you are welcome to join us:



Monday 23rd, 4pm - GAZA PROTEST - protest the Israeli siege of Gaza and the shooting of 17 unarmed civilians in the recent Land Day March for Return. Join us outside HSBC (junction of Church Street and Whitechapel) and come with us from there to outside BBC Merseyside on Hanover Street.



Wednesday 2nd, 7pm - Our monthly meeting at Jack Jones House (the UNITE building). Agendas etc go out separately to members.

Saturday 5th - We will NOT have our monthly leafleting this Saturday.

Monday 7th, from 12 noon - We may have a stall at Liverpool's May Day celebration.

Tuesday 15th - This is the 70th anniversary of the Naqba. We already have two events (see below) to commemorate this important landmark.

Wednesday 16th, 7pm - Public meeting to h ear from Activestills photographer Ahmed Al-Bazz. At the Quaker Meeting House, School Lane. Light refreshments from 6.30 pm

Saturday 19th - Our Naqba commemoration leafleting and stall in city centre. Details later.



Last October we hosted a day conference on the Balfour declaration of 1917, attended by over 170 people. We are often asked if the speeches are available for further study and the answer is yes! All three are on youtube as follows:

The speech of David Cronin (author of the book Balfour's Shadow) is HERE.

The speech of Professor Jonathan Rosenhead is HERE.

The speech of Ben Jamal (General Secretary of PSC) is HERE.

If you want a quick view of why the Balfour declaration is important, take a look at the Basic History page on this site (under the Palestine tab). Then get watching the three speakers.


It feels a long time ago that the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 2334 on 23 December 2016, declaring settlements on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem  to be a 'flagrant violation under international law'. You can read the full text of the resolution HERE. But it remains a matter of record thanks to the United States abstaining rather than vetoing it.

However, it is business as usual when Israel's settler-led government passes legislation that allows for legalisation of settlements built on stolen Palestinian-owned land and starts on further settlement activity. There is plenty of international condemnation but United States silence gives a green light to further house demolitions and land-grabbing in East Jerusalem and all over the West Bank.



If you need any reminding of why racism has no place in sport, watch THIS TRAILER for the documentary 'Forever Pure' on the Israeli football club Beitar Jerusalem. It is a withering critique of a club that prides itself on having no Arab players.

Elsewhere in the footballing world, the Israeli FA has been under pressure to exclude six of its member clubs that are based in illegal settlements. See HERE for a detailed investigation by Human Rights Watch. A ruling from FIFA (the international federation) has let them off the hook but the issue remains live.

As Israeli football clubs take part in European competition, so the protests follow them. The biggest demonstration was at Celtic Park where demonstrators held Palestine flags aloft in defiance of UEFA officialdom (and later raised over £150,000 for Palestinian charities).

Celtic Park Aug 2016


On the home front, one of our members is the manager of the under-18 team Liverpool Palestino FC who wear the jersey with pride


Liverpool Palestino FC Sept 2017

Liverpool Palestino FC


An incident between a Palestinian civilian and an Israeli soldier on 24 March 2016 left both injured. As the Palestinian man lay immobile on the ground, another soldier shot him in the head. Palestinians would say this is nothing new and indeed the other soldiers there did not bat an eyelid. But this time the shooting was filmed and the youtube clip (HERE) went viral. Cue senior Israeli politicians agreeing that this soldier must be punished to preserve the army's integrity.

The soldier, one Elor Azaria, was charged with homicide. But while he awaited trial (detained in an open prison) he became a folk hero. You can see HERE a disturbingly large and vociferous rally held in his support on 19 April 2016 in central Tel-Aviv. Cue the same Israeli politicians criticising the prosecution! The most important quotes are linked from THIS ARTICLE. After he was convicted and sentenced to (only) 18 months imprisonment, even Prime Minister Netenyahu joins the widespread calls for a pardon. His appeal was unsuccessful but the army reduced his sentence to 14 months anyway. Given time off for, er, good behaviour he will be back on the streets by the middle of May, just in time for Nakba Day. As so often, extremism is becoming the Israeli norm.


The vigorous witch-hunt inside the British Labour Party has started again. The immediate target has been Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, but the longer-term aim still is to expand the definition of 'antisemitism' to include any criticism of Israeli apartheid -  and to stop people talking about Palestine.

Maybe the report from the party's Chakrabarti inquiry has been more useful than Israel's supporters would have liked. It was published (on time!) on 30 June 2016 and the full text is HERE.  See also HERE a basic Q and A from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Some of the most thorough submissions to the inquiry appear on the website freespeechonisrael.org.uk.

None of this stopped the same accusations arising at Labour's last conference. This article is long but it is worth a read as showing how desperate the supporters of Israel have become.


Labour apologists for Israeli apartheid were well and truly caught out by THIS DOCUMENTARY made by Al-Jazeera. A six-month investigation by an undercover reporter produced compelling footage of an Israeli embassy official openly discussing setting up pro-Israel groups and 'taking down' politicians up to and including a Government minister. Needless to say there were cries of outrage about the programmes but all the complaints made to Ofcom have been dismissed.

More recently it was the turn of the Conservatives. Development Secretary Priti Patel visited Israel, spent much of her holiday meeting several Israeli government officials and came back with plans to divert British aid money to help Israel's war effort against Syria (by funding hospitals in the occupied Golan heights). Whoops, the story got out and she had to resign. Was she acting alone?


Israel's treatment of Palestinian children is an international disgrace. In 2012 the UK government sponsored an investigation which made over 40 recommendations. These have been almost entirely ignored and a planned follow-up trip by the same legal team was refused entry.

On 7 February there was a long debate in Parliament's Westminster Hall, introduced by Sarah Champion MP. The record of proceedings is HERE.

 On 21 July last year the House of Lords debated this motion: "That this House takes note of the conditions in which Palestinian children are living and the impact on their health and wellbeing". There were a number of sympathetic contributions including from Baroness Jenny Tonge. You can read the official record HERE.


Some of our leafleting has highlighted the Israeli plans to demolish the Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran: you can read a bit more about it HERE. But the forced removal of Palestinians from their homes is also happening in the West Bank as THIS STATEMENT from the United Nations shows.



Gaza - the PSC's petition to lift the long-running Israeli siege of Gaza is HERE.

PayPal - the services of Paypal are available to Israeli settlers but not to Palestinians. The petition HERE tries to put that right.

Google maps - the petition HERE asks google to put Palestine literally on the map!


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