Early Day Motions

Early Day Motions

Early Day Motions (EDMs) are unique to the House of Commons. They are not normally debated, but they are a means of publicising an issue and getting cross-party support. They cannot be longer than 250 words. 

EDMs are tabled usually by about six MPs, one of whom is the 'principal sponsor'. They are then open to be signed by any MP: party allegiances do not play any part.

If you are trying to get your MP to do something for the Palestinians, you can encourage them to sign one or more of the EDMs shown below.

The Parliament website has a full archive of EDMs which you can access HERE.


2016 - 2017



Tabled 11 January 2017 by Mark Durkan

21 signatures

"That this House welcomes the Government's support for UN Security Council resolution 2334 concerning Israel's illegal settlement building in occupied Palestinian territory; notes clause 5 that resolution text which calls on all states to distinguish, in their relevant dealings, between territory of the state of Israel and the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967; calls on the Government to impose a total ban on trade and imports that are proven to either originate or be tied to Israel's illegal settlements in occupied Jerusalem, the West Bank and Golan heights; and further calls on the Government to ensure that the UK acts in compliance with obligations under relevant international laws and treaties which require the Government, along with all third parties, with specific regard to Israel's illegal settlements, to ensure respect for international law, not recognise an illegal situation arising from such breaches and refrain from any activity that would render aid or assistance to serious breaches of peremptory norms of international law."


Tabled 14 December 2016 by Tommy Sheppard

30 signatures (including Chris Matheson, Lab, Chester and Jim Pugh, Lib Dem, Southport)

"That this House notes with considerable concern that six football teams based in illegal Israeli settlements are playing in the Israeli football league, in the 3rd, 4th and 5th tiers, organised by the Israel Football Association (IFA), a member of FIFA; further notes that UN resolutions and international law are clear that those settlements, built in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, are not part of Israel and are illegal under international law; is concerned that football is being used to legitimise the illegal occupation and the illegal settlement project; calls on FIFA to resolve this situation and prohibit teams based in illegally occupied territory from playing in the Israeli football league, which is accountable to FIFA; and calls on FIFA to stop business activity that supports those settlements."



Tabled 1 December 2016 by Paul Monaghan

22 signatures

"That this House notes that martial law has now been in place in the West Bank for almost 50 years and that the human rights organisation Military Court Watch has lodged submissions with the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention relating to the continuing practice of detention and transfer for Palestinian adults and children from the West Bank to prisons located inside Israel in violation of both the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court; recognises that this practice is classified under international law as a war crime; further notes that between 7,000 to 8,000 Palestinians are subject to transfer each year, including children; and calls on the Government to make representations to the UN to contest this practice and to ensure that relevant international standards and relevant international legal instruments accepted by both Israel and Palestine as signatories to the Fourth Geneva Convention are fully and timeously addressed."



Tabled 28 November 2016 by Tommy Sheppard

48 signatures (including Marie Rimmer, Lab, St Helens South and Whiston)

"That this House is gravely concerned at plans by the Israeli government to demolish the Israeli-Arab village, Umm al-Hiran, in the Negev area of Israel; notes with dismay that it reportedly intends to evict the 500 Bedouin residents of the village, which has existed for nearly 60 years, with the aim of establishing a new, Jewish-only settlement named Hiran in its stead; considers that the Bedouin villagers are full citizens of Israel but are being treated as though they have no rights; further notes the reports that the Israeli government plans to charge the villagers for the cost of the demolition of their own homes; understands that village leaders say there is no need to evict them as the Jewish settlers can move onto a site next door and live as neighbours; and calls on the Israeli government to cease its harsh and unnecessary actions immediately."


Tabled 6 September 2016 by Tommy Sheppard

47 signatures

"That this House notes with concern and surprise that the worldwide online payment system, PayPal, is not available to use for Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza, despite it being available to users in Israel and Israeli settlers living in the occupied West Bank; recognises that the situation is a significant obstacle to many Palestinian individuals and businesses, who are unable to use this trusted and reliable global service for conducting monetary transactions, and that this barrier hinders the Palestinian economy as a whole, including the IT sector which has real potential to thrive; believes that Palestine would be a profitable place for PayPal to do business in, with the Palestinian economy closely tied to the global and UK markets, and that the move would also be highly feasible, with PayPal already operating in 203 countries worldwide, including Somalia and Yemen; and calls on PayPal to expand its service to Palestinians and their banks, a move which has the opportunity to make a positive contribution to Palestinians and their economy and alleviate the high rates of unemployment."



Tabled 18 May 2016 by Tommy Sheppard

42 signatures

"That this House expresses serious concerns regarding donations to UK charities that are alleged to be funding construction projects at Neve Daniel, an illegal Israeli settlement in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) of the West Bank; further notes that the Government views Israeli settlements in the OPTs to be contrary to both UK policy and customary international law; believes that existing UK case law demonstrates that activities carried out abroad are not charitable if contrary to public policy; affirms that charity funds should under no circumstances be directed towards the development or maintenance of Israeli settlements in the OPTs; and calls on the Government to liaise with the Charities Commission to investigate this matter."


2015 - 2016


Tabled 13 April 2016 by Tommy Sheppard

38 signatures

"That this House notes that the Palestinian politician and elected Member of the Palestinian Legislative Authority Marwan Barghouthi has been held in an Israeli prison continuously since 15 April 2002; further notes that, despite spending the last 14 years in jail, he is still the candidate in the strongest position to win a presidential election to succeed Mahmoud Abbas, according to a recent poll by the Palestinian Centre for Policy and Survey Research; recalls that President De Klerk approved the release of Nelson Mandela in 1990 so that he could take part in negotiations, leading to majority rule and that British colonial authorities released Gandhi and Nehru from prison in the 1940s so that they could negotiate Indian independence; believes it would show statesmanship as well as a serious commitment to peace if the Israeli parliament were to approve Barghouthi's release so that he could play a part in the process of reconciliation, unification and negotiation that will be needed before Palestine achieves its independence; and further believes the time is overdue for a settlement of this conflict, now 68 years old, and the end of the occupation of the Palestinian territories, nearly 50 years old, which will necessarily include forgiveness for past actions and the release of conflict­-related prisoners."



Tabled 13 April 2016 by Philippa Whitford

28 signatures

"That this House supports Israeli and Palestinian human rights organisations and non-profits that have come under attack from all branches of the Israeli government; expresses deep concerns that officials in the Israeli government are collaborating with extremist right-wing and fascist organisations such as Im Tirzu in order to silence those who oppose the occupation of Palestine; believes that coordinated smear campaigns and intimidation are being pushed with the goal of shutting down Israeli and Palestinian non-governmental organisations (NGOs); unequivocally condemns the threats made against those effectively opposing the occupation and the attacks upon dissent and political freedom of speech; affirms that embracing a healthy civil society and human rights sector is a key aspect of a healthy democratic country; gives explicit support to Israeli NGOs B'Tselem, Breaking the Silence and Yesh Din, and Palestinian NGOs al-Haq and Addameer; and calls on the Government to engage more meaningfully with the Israeli and Palestinian human rights sector whilst pressuring the Israeli government to end its attacks on those carrying forward valuable, insightful and wholly legitimate human rights, peace and justice advocacy."


Tabled 14 March 2016 by Alan Duncan

56 signatures

"That this House condemns the major escalation in demolitions by the Israeli government in the Occupied Palestinian Territories; notes that 293 structural demolitions have taken place in the first six weeks of 2016, including numerous homes; expresses concern for the devastating effects such demolitions have on innocent civilians; further notes that in 2015, 447 Palestinian structures were demolished; notes that, according to the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs, between 2010 and 2014 only 1.5 per cent of the over 2,000 Palestinian building permit requests were approved in Area C of the West Bank, leading to 10,000 present standing demolition orders; notes Israel's continued uses of demolition as a means of collectively punishing Palestinians; welcomes the EU's continued opposition to Israel's illegal settlements, home demolitions, confiscation and evictions; notes that the home demolitions have included EU-funded structures; calls on the Government to condemn these latest demolitions and the continued expansion of settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories; and demands reparations for the destruction."



Tabled 26 February 2016 by Gerald Kaufman

12  signatures

"That this House salutes The Big Ride, an initiative by supporters of the Palestinian people, for organising a series of three day rides in 2016 from Bristol, Manchester, Sheffield and London that will converge in Birmingham on Sunday 7 August for a major public event with speakers from the growing solidarity movement; and notes that on Monday 8 August, hundreds of cyclists and supporters will leave Birmingham in a convoy to the Elbit-owned factory in Shenstone, Staffordshire, for a peaceful demonstration to highlight the UK's unethical arms trade with Israel."


Tabled 28 January 2016 by Martyn Day

17 signatures

"That this House notes with alarm that on 27 January 2016 the Israeli High Court ruled that Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qiq will remain in custody, despite his health condition being critical as a result of being on hunger strike for 63 days in protest of his detention without trial; expresses concern at Israel's ongoing practice of administrative detention, used as a punitive measure wherein Palestinians are being held for extended periods without being charged or permitted to stand trial; believes that this practice is in breach of a number of relevant international agreements and conventions, including the 4th Geneva Convention; further notes that Israel's administrative detention policy includes the practice of deporting Palestinian prisoners from the Occupied Palestinian Territories to Israel and the denial of regular family visits; further expresses the view that extensive detention without charge or trial amounts to inhumane, degrading and unjust punishment of prisoners; acknowledges the request from Mohammed al-Qiq for immediate international intervention on his case; regrets the Government's lack of any meaningful or substantive action against administrative detention which has led to hunger strikes; and furthermore calls on the Government to make renewed and increased representations to insist the Israeli government cancel this policy immediately, restore rights to all Palestinian prisoners, and to either release or charge and bring to trial Palestinian detainees."



Tabled 20 January 2016 by Paul Monaghan

32 signatures

"That this House welcomes the forthcoming Palestine Youth Orchestra's visit to Scotland in the summer of 2016, and looks forward to its arrival in Glasgow in July as it embarks on a period of intensive rehearsal prior to undertaking a tour of major cities across the UK; supports the young people and recognises that this tour offers hope, opportunity and recognition of the contribution that the people of Palestine wish to make in developing relationships and friendships across the world; and congratulates all members of the orchestra on their tremendous success in overcoming the many challenges and disadvantages that they face in developing and promoting the culture, skills and insights of the Palestinian people."



Tabled 19 January 2016 by Caroline Lucas

23 signatures

"That this House notes with concern reports that on 10 January 2016, a 19-year-old Israeli conscientious objector, Tair Kaminer, was sentenced to 20 days of imprisonment for her refusal to enlist in the Israeli army; further notes that, with tensions high in Israel, this is a particularly difficult time to be a conscientious objector in a country where military service is compulsory for almost all of its young people; expresses concern that there is currently no exemption from military service for conscientious objectors who refuse to join the army because they do not support Israeli policies towards the Palestinians; notes that the right to object to military service on grounds of conscience is protected under international human rights law; further notes that although Israeli law allows for pacifists to be exempted, the review committee for this process frequently rejects most cases; applauds the courage, tenacity and principles of Tair Kaminer, and all other conscientious objectors of viagra safe, in taking a brave position in a country which has been at war since its creation in 1948 and in a society which continues to become increasingly militarised; calls for the immediate and unconditional release of these prisoners of conscience; and further calls on the Government to request the Israeli authorities to accept the conscientious objection of Israeli citizens who do not wish to bear arms against a civilian population under military occupation."


Tabled 18 November 2015 by Paul Monaghan

34 signatures

"That this House notes that Military Court Watch has lodged a submission with the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention relating to the detention and transfer of Palestinian minors from the West Bank to prisons located inside Israel in violation of both the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court; further notes that this practice, which is classified under international law as a war crime, affects between 7,000 to 8,000 Palestinians each year, including minors, according to evidence provided by the Israeli Prison Service; and calls on the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention to contest the practice in a manner consistent with its jurisdiction and mandate to ensure that relevant international standards and relevant international legal instruments accepted by both Israel and Palestine as signatories to the Fourth Geneva Convention are fully and timeously addressed."



Tabled 8 September 2015 by Alan Meale

33 signatures (including St Helens MP Marie Rimmer)

"That this House notes the report published by War on Want in July 2015 entitled Arming Apartheid: UK Complicity in Israel's Crimes Against the Palestinian People, which details the UK's arms trade with Israel; further notes that, despite promises given, UK-made weapons and military technologies continue to be sold to and subsequently used by occupying Israeli forces in Palestine, while the UK also imports Israeli military hardware and components and provides training in the UK for Israeli military personnel; and calls on the Government to apply its own export guidelines which would de facto result in a UK embargo on arms exports to Israel, which would lead to an end to any further breaches of international laws on arms control."



Tabled 20 July 2015 by Tommy Sheppard

42 signatures

"That this House condemns the abysmally low proportion of non-Jewish, African asylum seekers who have been granted refugee status in Israel; notes with concern that less than one per cent of applications by African refugees are successful; further notes that Israel's closest neighbours, Jordan and Lebanon, have each accepted millions of refugees fleeing Syria; commends the work of Hotline for Refugees and Migrants Israel, and the Assaf Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel in promoting African refugee rights in Israel; and calls on the Government to demand immediate action from the Israeli government to behave in line with international legal norms and obligations."



Tabled 13 July 2015 by Philippan Whitford

69 signatures

"That this House condemns the charging of Palestinian children with offences under Israeli military law and their trial in military courts since the occupation of Palestinian territory in 1967; further condemns the arrests, detention and prosecution of around 700 Palestinian children in the Israeli military court system each year; acknowledges the work that Defence for Children International - Palestine does in increasing awareness and providing legal assistance for Palestinian children; condemns the physical violence that more than three-quarters of Palestinian child detainees in 2014 endured in some form between the period of their arrest and interrogation with half of those also strip-searched; notes that, during arrest and interrogation, 93 per cent of children were denied access to legal counsel and rarely informed of their rights, particularly their right against self-incrimination; further notes that last year almost all children confessed regardless of guilt in order to stop further abuse; notes that in 2014 more than 25 per cent of children signed statements in Hebrew despite not understanding the language; notes in addition that between 2012 and 2014 Israeli military, police and security agents held 54 Palestinian children in solitary confinement for interrogation purposes, prior to charging them with any offence, and that in 2014 the average time that an individual child spent in solitary confinement for interrogation purposes was 15 days; and calls on the Government to demand immediate action from the Israeli government to behave in line with international law."



Tabled 15 June 2015 by Jo Cox

72 signatures (including St Helens MP Marie Rimmer)

"That this House recognises that 8 July 2015 will be the first anniversary of the start of the most recent and most devastating Israeli military operation in Gaza and resulted in, according to the UN, more than 2,000 deaths, 1,492 of them civilians and 551 of those, children; notes that there has been no meaningful reconstruction of Gaza which saw over 100,000 homes destroyed or severely damaged in last year's conflict, that children in particular have suffered the harshest of conditions and that no action has been taken to challenge the violations of international law as exemplified by the security wall, the ongoing occupation of the Palestinian territories, or the illegal blockade and separation of Gaza; calls on the Government to intensify its actions within the international community and towards the Israeli government to resolve the humanitarian and political crisis in Palestine; further calls for a more direct and stringent message to the Israeli government that progress on talks to reach a long-term and peaceful solution must be delivered within an agreed time frame; and calls on the Foreign Secretary to prioritise action through the UN Security Council for a meaningful UN resolution in this regard."



Tabled 9 June 2015 by Grahame Morris

93 signatures (including Knowsley MP George Howarth)

"That this House notes the comments of the Israeli Prime Minister that there will be no state of Palestine on his watch and that he has repeatedly made it clear that he will never countenance a fully sovereign Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza; further notes that the continued policy of settlement building undermines a two state solution; and calls on the Government to carry out the will of the House of Commons as expressed in the motion passed on 13 October 2014 and join the 137 countries across the world by recognising the State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel so as to secure a negotiated two-state solution which is urgently needed to ensure peace in the region."



Tabled 8 June 2015 by Gerald Kaufman

37 signatures

"That this House salutes Red Spokes for organising The Big Ride, a sponsored bicycle ride by some 1,000 cyclists from Edinburgh to London to be held from 1 to 9 August 2015 to raise money for the Middle East Children's Alliance, a non-profit organisation which is dedicated to helping deprived children who are war victims in Gaza; and hopes that not only will this venture be financially successful but will draw increased attention to the plight of Palestinian children in Gaza and the West Bank."



Tabled 1 June 2015 by Grahame Morris

75 signatures

"That this House notes with deep concern that, despite being a clear and egregious violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, Israel advanced a 'relocation plan' that will see 7,000 Palestinian Bedouins and herders, 60 per cent of them children, who currently reside in 46 small residential areas, forcibly transferred and their homes demolished; further notes that, according to the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs, most families have pending home demolition orders, 85 per cent of which lack connection to electricity and water, and that two-thirds of Palestinian communities have experienced extreme settler violence creating a coercive environment that functions as push factors; affirms Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, and the International Committee of the Red Cross's legal interpretation, that mass forcible transfer and forced evictions of protected peoples in occupied territory is prohibited under international humanitarian law and human rights law; reminds the Government of its obligations to ensure that Israel, as an occupying power, abides by its legal obligation to protect the civilian population in the occupied territory and administer it for their benefit; believes that these plans will undermine Palestinian presence in the area, further disconnect Palestinian Jerusalem from the West Bank and disrupt the territorial contiguity of the occupied territory; urges the Government to condemn Israel's actions and policy as flagrant violations of international law; calls for urgent action to be taken to oppose these policies; and further calls on the Government to pressure the State of Israel to immediately scrap the outrageous relocation plans."